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Entertainment Schedule

12 - 1:30pm

Good Friends.

Good Vibes.

Good Times


You could call us Indie Rock

Your could call us what you want

We're floating around



Kenny Vymislicky - Bass

John Minoia - Vox/Guitar

Ryan Lee- Keys/Lead Guitar/B.Vox

Trevor Scofield - Drums

2 - 3:30pm

Wreckless Marci is a High energy party band based in the Binghamton area. Due to the bands rigorous schedule and overall dedication to reaching the masses, Wreckless Marci has been continuously growing in popularity since 2012 as one of the best live acts you can see in the regional area.


With an arsenal of songs falling under all categories, you never know what style of music you are going to hear next from the band. One thing is for're going to like it.


So get up on your feet and welcome back for the fifth consecutive year, Wreckless Marci!


Wreckless Marci consists of members


Sonny Weeks - Lead Vocals and Rythym Guitar

Craig Palmer - Vocals and Lead Guitar

Mark Sedlock - Bass Guitar

Matt Jensen - Drums

4 - 5pm

This is the 5-piece version of Doug & Eamonn Hubert!


Eamonn is an 8 year old Phenom guitar player. He recently made it to the final round of tryouts for the LEAD in School of Rock Musical in NYC!!!!


Hot Dogs & Gin play a wide range of blues and rock such as the Eagles, Allman Brothers, Bon Jovi, Jimi Hendrix, America, Rolling Stones, etc. Listen for the Solos and make sure you check out the videos of the band on their Facebook page "Hot Dogs & Gin".


You're wondering what's with the Hot Dogs & Gin, right? Doug's parents are both retired teachers, and a family friend-- also a teacher-- used to always joke with the kids when they wanted to know what was for dinner, "Want some hot dogs and gin?" We think the name is an accurate reference to the four older guys and one elementary school kid who make up the band.


Plus, it's just plain fun to say "Hot Dogs & Gin"! And who doesn't love those two staples, maybe not together, but still?


Doug Hubert - Guitar, Vocals

Eamonn Hubert - Lead Guitar, Vocals

Steve "Shimes" Shimer - Percussion

Mike Whittemore - Keys, Harp, Guitar, Vocals

Jason Sablich - Bass